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Áarbøur 11, 210 Sandur, tel. *298 211924

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Sofus_ur_faldara_220pxThe Art Gallery in Sandur is open Tueseday to Sunday, 14.00 – 16.00. Closed Monday
Admission 50,- DKK. It is possible to schedule a guided tour, contact us for further information.

About the gallery
Several Years ago Sofus Olsen decided to build an art gallery in his home village of Sandur to display all the works he has collected over a period of some 50 years. The wors, most of which are Faroese, span a century of art in the Faroes.

This is also teh story of the fisherman who became an academic. Sofus Olsen, instigator and benefactor, is a humble enthusiast with a passionate engagement in all his pursiuits. This forced him underground in Denmark during the war, provided him with success as a ship owner, placed him in responsible positions in the Faroese financial world and helped him as he served on several government commitees. Now he has given the Faroese people the Art Gallery in Sandur.

Sofus bought his first work of art – portrait of a girl by Ingálvur av Reyni – in 1961. Since then he has steadily built up a fine collection of oil paintings, bronzes, water colours, prints, sketches and ceramics. When all the pieces are in place the gallery will contain around 120 works by some 30 different artists. Pioneers in Faroese art, S.J. Mikines, Janus Kamban and Ingálvur av Reyni are particularly well-represented in the collection.

Sofus was born in Sandur, where his family has lived since the latter half of the 16th century. “It was a privilege to grow up in this village and its surroundings and Sandur still has a special place in my heart. This is why i wanted to build the art gallery here,” says Sofus.

The gallery’s location at Sandur is well-suited not least for its view to the island of Stóra Dímun, where Díðrikur, the first known painter in the Faroes, was born in 1802, as well as to Skarvanes, where Díðrikur worked as a farmhand and is thought to have painted Mánadúgvurnar – the “Moon Doves”.

The architecture

Mynd: Eileen Sandá

Mynd: Eileen Sandá

the renowned architect J.P. Gregoriussen designed the building and it was constructed by the company Articon, turning Sofus Olsens´s plans into a reality.

For this unique and generous contribution the men and women of the Faroes voted Sofus Olsen The Faroese Man Of The Year, 2005.

What else is there to see on Sandoy?

Sandoy is rich in cultural experiences and adventurous activities, trust us. For instance, you can travel back in time to ancient viking settlements, that archeologists have uncovered on Sand quite recently. The settlements can be found on “Junkarinsfløtt” by the church, and it is right outside our doorstep! Children are also quite fond of, “The time of Sagas and Adventures” – a walkingtrip, where they visit the sites and are told some of the islands many legends by experienced local storytellers. If you would rather enjoy the present day, we can most certainly accomodate this as well. Why not make your way to Skálavík on the east side of Sandoy. Here you can enjoy a nice dinner at “Depilin” and relax at the end of the evening by taking a dip in the facilities hot-tub. Like so many other things on the Faroes, you will also be able to feel greatly in tune with the Faroese nature, as you will be hot-tubbing outside. Contact our local Tourist Information Centre for more ideas or booking informations.